It was New Year day, after deciding to go with the projects in progress, by afternoon, an idea to start a new tunic project came to mind.
The tailor had marked a black silk tunic for embroidery 2 days before 2020 started.
The gold fabric with black  border lines is a long stole [duppatta] for this black tunic. Earlier, I had drawn and prepared a single paisley design for this. After I  traced the pattern onto the fabric, my friend came with a sewn tunic, which she got from the tailor that day. He had sewn it well, she wanted to incorporate a small  motif all over the front of the tunic, which she had seen somewhere, but couldn’t get hold of it again .I tried some stitching on the inside neck with sample threads to give reality to her idea.
I started marking the placements of the motif and drew an upright cross[2 cm] on them that night. Next day I worked 2 motifs, and searched my stash also for similar options.
Her idea when she said I couldn’t interpret in embroidery, after deliberating for some time changing the metallic threads, we could arrive at something common. This is the motif she is happy with.It is worked brown metallic thread, silver metallic thread and same green silk thread.
Total number of motifs -31. I am still working on them. I completing each and moving onto another. This might be completed by next week.

The rest of the yoke-
As mentioned earlier, the rest of the yoke is designed as a continuation of the paisley pattern.
I drew semi-circles around the buttons, and worked them with mirrors, chain st and kutch work.
For the central motif, a regular kutch square, with mirrors were worked , around that motif, a chain stitch line and kutch work line , similar to paisley was worked . It was completed with kutch work in semi circle, and a single mirror.

yellow tunic - centre design

The tunic with fully embroidered yoke looks like this-

yellow tunic

I wear a black churidar or black tights for this tunic. I played safe in choosing the colours. This combination always works out fine. Whenever a design is borrowed [ in this case from a book] I tend to go with time tested colours .
I don’t know, whether this pattern can be called my own or not.
Earlier , I had worked a yoke , fully worked in kutch work in black. There , the fabric had more orange, this tunic fabric has more yellow.