When I initially started browsing the net for embroidery, I stumbled upon so many things. It was like a fantasy world filled with my favourite things.
Along with the fascination , came the ideas for doing these wonderful things.
After some time I came back to the real world! LOL!
This sampler was during the second phase.
I tried some speciality stitches in counted thread, then made them into a sampler. When I filled with gratitude , stitched ”give thanks” on it.
The frame is from IKEA.The sampler was designed to fit snugly inside the frame.
I don’t even remember the name of the stitches!
The speciality stitches sampler-

speciality stitch sampler

The monograms seen here, I did for my brother-in-law and his wife, when we visited them.
Pattern- I don’t remember where I took the pattern from, but I incorporated their initials on the basic pattern.
Frame- I got this from a local shop, with three apertures, two for their initials and one for their photo. Actually, the idea came after buying the frame.
The frame-

monograms-B& K

I have been thinking of doing one for us, but that hasn’t started yet.