We get wonderful range of handloom cotton fabrics in Madras.I buy most of my wearables from there.I feel cotton is the best for the summer heat. so many colours, designs,combinations-imagination can run riot here.This time I designed 2 kurthas for my Hubby-

G's red kurtha

G's red kurtha

The colour dosen’t show well in this picture,It’s a blood red  mercerised cotton fabric.,the pattern is typical Indian kurtha design,I wanted to attach some beads,which raised very strong objection. So, no beads !

G's white kurtha

G's white kurtha

The fabric is cotton,self block printed white. I like this particular fabric very much. I didn’t work too much on the pattern, just simple curves,and ‘fly’  stitched withanchor  cotton skein. These kurthas were custom made[not upto the mark]. Next time I want to try on readymade kurthas.

It has more than a month since I wrote a post. I went to India  to participate in the engagement of my nephew,Bablu.. This is an arranged marriage.The bride’s name is Gayathri- very sweet girl. group

 I had  a wonderful time. On the auspisious time ,the priest reads aloud the marriage invitation, so we made adecorative panels[madal] to stick the invitation-madal-blue     



   madal-orange                          the bride’s            groom                                                                             




I made 2 boxes to store these panels-box-orange





We also made a thoran[flower arrangement on the entry way]

we tied short artificial  flower strips together , to achieve this result-thoran

The previous day was the valentine’s day- for this we  designed a chocolate bouquet-chocolate-bouquet

I also enjoyed embroidering  my nephews kurthas-bablu-kurtha  bala-kurtha








I wore a kancheevaram silk sari[veldhari- horizontalgold thread all over]

Iam here with my manni[brother’s wife] . these are her sons. The dark green sari is our family friend-tast-123

I’ll continue  with my embroidery details from the next post. Thankyou  all for all the wonderful comments , you have taken effort to send.  These are helping me a lot.I’ll deal with your requests for your tutorials. after I tackle my stitch challenges, I have just started on my stitch explorer challenge.-chicken scratch