I am posting this border pattern which I had designed for sleeves of a blouse the details of which are here..

I don’t seem to find the original drawing. This is basic border which was repeated for the required length.

lagartera border pattern

lagartera border pattern

The continuous borders can be used for kasauti embroidery also.

While I worked on this blouse,I thought I’ll do something in lagartera embroidery for myself, I haven’t done so far.
After working the squares on the motif with satin stitch in orange thread[ the picture I had not taken] , I started with yellow thread. In this thread the bottom border pattern was worked in back stitch, and then the whole embroidery was outlined with the same yellow thread .I had initially ,tried with a deep yellow, which did not go well with the other colours and the fabric, so I changed to this shade of yellow.
The completed border-

lagartera blouse-3

The closeup-

lagartera blouse-closeup

The top part of the border-

border pattern top lagarterathe motif-lagartera motif

The border with curved pattern-

lagartera border

The embroidery is fully completed, I have given it back to the lady. I enjoyed working on it. Hoping to do a similar one in the future.

The motif-

Till now I have not received any informative feedback on , the work I have been posting under the heading’Lagartera’.So , may be this is lagartera embroidery. I have doubts because, the pattern is not taken from the lagartera embroidery book, its my own.
Continuing with the details,
After filling the shapes in satin stitch, and curved lines in back stitch with green thread,the alternate diamonds on the top border pattern is filled in satin stitch in dark red colour.
The centre of motif repeat pattern , is done in Rhodes stitch.
The back stitch outlines are also done with the same red thread.

lagartera blouse-2

After this,the squares on the motif are filled with satin stitch in orange thread- which I forgot to picture.
The colours were all chosen by the lady , for whom I did this embroidery.

further details on my next post.

It started with- I was left with a light green patiala salwar[Indian pants with lots of folds].I had sewn that for a lemon yellow chiffon tunic. They did not match very well.I finished that tunic set by buying another green[with yellow stripes].
Now this green salwar was sitting idle. I found a violet [ not exactly violet, but more of blue, this I learnt when I was choosing the right thread} and green material ikat weave.
Here it looks like grey, but it is green.

G&v tunic fabric

I wanted to do something simple for yoke, just to complete the embroidery quickly!
I was a slightly fascinated by lagartera embroidery at that time and wanted to try my version.
This is a simple pattern, starting with small squares in satin stitches-

G&v tunic -yoke WIP

Completed yoke on my next post.