The kutch work border samples which are based on this week’s cross stitch edges on randje per week  2015 challenge are here. the # 19 border has a variation too. The step by step instructions, patterns are also given for these borders.


I have posted the working of this medium motif here.



There are instructions for working  this kutchwork medium sized motif on this page.

motif-7 sample

This same motif can be done with interlacing stitch also. If anyone interested in that interlacing version of this motif , those instructions  can also be worked out.

happy stitching1

I have posted a kutch work tutorial of a motif on this page

I have posted a new kutch work tutorial of this small motif here

small kutch motif

The tutorial for woven square is posted here.

This time I was smart enough not to loose the pictures.

some  extra patterns are also posted for  working.

 Enjoy! Your feedback will help me to improve.


The kutch work tutorial is posted here.

some pictures are hiding I don’t know why!