Last week, I was working on a kutchwork motif as a part of yoke design. this motif was interlaced. the  instructions  of  working the woven version of this interlaced motif is posted here.

the motif on yoke-


The kutch work tutorial  of the trial pattern posted on my earlier kutch work tutorial is posted on this page.

Try this motif  and if you have any questions, leave them on the comments, I ‘ll try to answer them.

thank you,


I am still working on this tutorial.

 Never realised it’ll be  so tedious.But Iam enjoying it.

I thought of some important things to keep in mind , while working this  embroidery.-
1. The thickness of the thread depends on the size of the basic square.
2. After the pattern is filled with the stitch, the cloth on which it is done should not be seen. The thread weaving should cover the whole pattern.
3. Important- the thread path- the thread always goes up and down alternatively, this keeps the embroidery intact.looks attractive also. If there are mistakes, it is visible to the eye, and the finished  embroidery does not look good.

4.  Take time to draw the design as perfect and neat as possible, otherwise it is difficult to – move around- and simultaneously rectify the original design.
5. Practice a lot. understanding is better that way.

 Thought I ‘ll post these points while I  write the tutorials too.