The work on stitch challenges are still lagging in this week too. This is the last week on the current Beyond TAST challenge. I am hoping to start on SSS challenge stitch today.
The embroidery on Aqua green was completed and the tunic is with the tailor.
My friend had a red and black raw silk tunic stitched, the red fabric needs to be lengthier than it is now.
An idea of filling squares diagonally with herringbone stitch starts with 2cms marking on the black fabric.
I am using two strands of cotton skein[same colour as the red fabric], I may have to work a row of back or chain stitch over it. The space is too much for the right tension. A thicker or more strands would have helped, but it would have raised the embroidery, which is not required.

Another version of beaded herringbone was worked with dark brown thread and this stitch was worked over pink lace. With these samples the piece was completed.



The piece before working the beaded herringbone stitches.



The completed design sampler.

31.125.beaded herringbone stitch

31.125.beaded herringbone stitch

This one was fairly simple and quicker to finish. The dark pink bead changing into red colour was unexpected. Now time to work this week’s Randje.

The working of last week’s beaded herringbone stitch is on Pintangle. I am still on the catching up mode. This piece is moving faster than the previous week’s stitch.
Back stitch borders are worked between beaded herringbone stitches. The dark pink beads look like red in the picture.



After working the beaded herringbone stitches vertically, the beads are added [in progress] in the space made with closed herringbone stitch.



Some more variations of herringbone stitch , the fifth week stitch of the TAST2012 challenge by SharonB

6 –In this row herringbone stitch is combined with zigzag stitch and detached chain stitches.


7-closed buttonhole stitch is worked along with herringbone stitch.


8-I tried forming a triangle with the basic herringbone stitch.


9-the herringbone is stitched over ricrac . at last I got the knack of it!


10- this row of herringbone is over a lace.


11-slanted herringbone stitch with slated zig zag stitch with beads.


12- this row is a combination of herringbone stitch, fly stitches and chain stitch.


13-three herringbone stitches with a Cretan stitch worked in between.


14-this row is a combination of herringbone stitch, detached chain stitches and back stitch.


15-two rows of herringbone stitch with beads .


16-3 rows of herringbone stitch with bugle beads.


17-herringbone stitches with beads.


I completed my herringbone stitch sampler with this row.
Al these variations can be done on even weave also. I can’t say I have really explored this stitch much on plain cloth. I am in hurry to finish this sampler,

sampler part1-


part 2 of the sampler-


the third part of the sampler-


I am leaving tomorrow, for a short trip to India for a week. I ‘ll probably miss the next week’s stitch will not time to catch up and this week’s stitch herringbone [TAST 2012 challenge by SharonB] has to be done in a hurry. After looking at my earlier sampler, I am not having too many ideas for variations now.
Still I thought I might try and use other stitches on herringbone stitch itself.
It starts like this-
1-this row is herringbone with buttonholestitch.


2-this row is with chain stitch.


3-this row is with chevron stitch.


4-this is a combination of open and closed herringbone with buttonhole row.


5- this herringbone crossed  with three chain stitches.


I might continue if I have time to work and take pictures tomorrow. Otherwise it’ll be next week.

This week’s stitch of the stitch challenge TAST 2012 BY SharonB is herringbone stitch . This was the first week’s stitch of the earlier TAST challenge.
I had already posted this sampler on my blog, but for easy reference I am posting it again.
Herringbone sampler- part1

herringbone st1-1

Herringbone st sampler-part2

herringbone st1-2

Herringbone st sampler-part3

herringbone st1-3

Herringbone stitch sampler-

herringbonest1 sampler