Line 7b-with bugle beads-


The following rows are fly stitch worked with other stitches, some places I have worked the fly stitches differently on a single row .
Line 8-fly stitch over ablong cross stitch-


Line 9-three  placements of fly stitch over herring bone stitch-


Line10- Another variation of fly stitch herringbone st-


Line 11- fly stitches with zigzag stitch-


Line 12-fly stitch with long and short zigzag stitch-


Line13- two variations with cretan stitch-


Line14-two variations with combined heringbone and Cretan st-



Still trying to work on with other stitches.

The first week’s stitch of the TAST 2012 challenge is fly stitch. Already a sampler on even weave fabric was done. I thought of trying some more variations on plain cloth. Some trials are also worked to incorporate this stitch with other stitches .
Some variations I tried yesterday, are on this post-

Line 1-starting the fly stitch with straight stitch-


Line 2a- planning to do this with two colours


Line 2b-two colours-


Line 3- with 2 detached chain stitches in between-


Line 4a- two fly stitches , to be combined with detached chain-


Line4b-With detached chain-


Line5,6-finishing the fly stitch with chain st, two variations-


Line 7a-two fly stiches together ,bugle beads to be added-


Posting on this category will be based on my progress.

I have completed my sampler of fly stitch.The variations  have been on even weave fabric. Iam still postponing the idea of doing the same  stitches on normal fabrics, thinking, I’ll be stuck with the same stitch for a long time, which might turn boring. I want to be fresh, open to new styles,while working on the samplers.Iam still in the thinking mode for choosing  the next to see my finished sampler of fly stitch-fly-8










A few more of my variations on this fly stitch

I seem to have exhausted my red combinations.Another few lines I’ll be done with this stitch.

Monday was our festival of Deepavali.Here we don’t have fire crackers. I made 2 sweets-cashew khova and mysore pak.I also made the traditional medicine paste.Lots of exchange of sweets and greetings.I wore a red crepe silk saree.

 Iam also working on my yoke- this is taking too much of my time. I thought I’ll finish this fast, but Iam using 6 colours,Iam also planning to add some sequins and beads, which I bought yesterday.

I have reached  the end of Fly stitch.It’s a very easy stitch, I have been itching to try the variations. Iam happy I have completed this stitch.I have done only a simple method of varying this stitch,I haven’t ventured into the world of making this into an  artform.  Iam an novice in that field, when I see the pictures of other people’s work, I feel very inadequate, Bit I am sticking to my goal of making stitch next  detail of fly stitch



I have started working on a new yoke design. I ‘ll show the picture,when its half way through.

I am doing this TAST  stitches as a sampler because, I want refer to them at a later date. I never realised I ‘ll have so many variations to do.  I draw the ideas on a paper,then stitch through each and every one of them. some times I do more,and other times I leave out certain variations.Most of my work are on evenweave cloth.sometimes the experiment I want to do is feasible only on normal fabric,I haven’t started on those.I don’t know whether I want to do them now or later.Stitches look neat on even weave.I have also started working on another yoke for my tunic[surely afflicted by fashion show].This is my next detail of FLY stitch

I worked on few more variations of fly stitch.this is a very interesting stitch.It can used as a line stitch andalso as a motif.I don’t have to think about combining colours,since Iam using   predominantly red colour.I made a mistake of not cutting the cloth properly, the sampler doesn’t look so good. I have to stop here, and continue on another piece.