This stitch has been on to do list for quite some time. Now it is introduced as this week’s stitch on Sunday stitch school challenge. The working of the stitch is on Queenie’s blog.
The samples and variations of earlier stitches of this challenge were worked as band samplers. This being a linear stitch, it might be an echo of those samples. So, the idea is to work this stitch on a pattern for a needle book. After pondering over the designs, a European folk design was chosen. The stitch was worked with anchor cotton skein #46.
Though it is the first time, this stitch was tried, it is an easy stitch to work. The repetitive movements were so relaxing, that I could enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the stitch. This is quite rare because, there is always a compulsion to complete a particular colour, design or project, that leaves me speculating whether that particular piece was gratifying by itself.
It is easy to work this stitch on straight lines, curves, points. Two strands of skeins are used to work this stitch. More number of strands or perle cotton may give a bolder and brighter look.
Now this piece needs to be sewn into a needle book.