This is the sixth post of this siennese st of the stitch challenge –TAST2010 by Sharon.
The details-
6a-Again this stitch is replacing cross stitch and made into a pattern.
6b- here, the twisting thread is long armed.
6c- If I want to explain this band, I could go on like this -the straight stitch and the twisting thread are contained in 5 holes, but the straight stitch being in the same line, the twisting thread went up and down –or just say- a wild way of working this stitch

24.Siennese st-6a,6b,6c

Will continue with the details.

Another 3 variations of this 24th week stitch of the stitch challenge TAST 2010 by Sharon.
5a-the stitch is done with two threads, one for the straight stitch, a variegated thread for the twisting stitch.
5b- The checkered version of the stitch, with two threads, one plain, another variegated.
5c-I used this stitch as cross stitch and went up and down to create a pattern.

The picture  quality is not very good though, When I work the stitch with wrong tension it shows very clearly, but when I do it right, the picture is not clear.definitely not my day.these things happen.

24.seinnese st-5a,5b,5c

Few more variations in the next post.

I am still continuing with the details of my stitch sampler which I did for the tast2010 challenge by Sharon.
4a-in this row, the broad and thin version of this stitch is done alternatively to create a decorative border.
4b-here the long and short version of the stitch is done, but the shorter stitches are done at the top and bottom alternatively within the boundary made by the long stitches.[is this easy to comprehend?] It is seen here that I do not have a comfortable tension free relationship with this thread., but still,you get the basic idea.
4c-the simpler seam, where the long and shorter version of the stitch is done alternatively.
This part of the sampler should be called seinnese stitch-4 alternates or alternate siennese stitch-4-

24.siennese st-4

Some more variations are coming up.

The third post on the variations of siennese st-24th week stitch of the stitch challenge, TAST 2010.
I was taking pictures of the sampler, while I was working on it.
Row3a-in this variation,the basic straight stitch is alternatively long,and short.
Row3b-,the twisting stitch is started one row beneath the straight stitches.
Row3c-in this , the straight stitches are in one row, the twisting stitches are alternatively above and below the basic stitch[can anyone understand this sentence?]

24.siennese st-3a,3b,3c

There is a’ post a photo of…’ challenge on stitchin fingers, my next post will be on that. After that I’ ll continue with the siennese stitch sampler.

This is the second post on the 24th week stitch of tast2010 challenge.

now for the details-

In the 1st row, the basic straight stitch is smaller than the the twisting stitch.
Every other stitch is intersecting the previous stitch in this row.
In this row, the basic straight stitch is longer than the twisting stitch.

siennesse st 2a,2b,2c

Will continue with other variations in the next post.

This stitch is the 24th week stitch of the stitch challenge .–TAST2010

I started with a row of individual stitches

24. siennese st-1a

This is a row of continous siennese stitches.

24.seinnese st1b

In this row, after the first stitch ,every stitch is started from the previous hole, giving an effect of  herringbone.[if done properly, I mean]

24.siennese st1c

The 3 rows-

24.siennese st-1

The details will continue.