This tunic was worked in 2012.
This cotton tunic is handloom cotton in golden yellow. The Indian pant is cream and yellow with a wavy pattern.
the pattern was inspired by a tunic seen in a boutique.
Starting with kutchwork border in the centre , the other linear stitches are chain in different colours, closed herringbone stitch, zigzag back stitch, fly stitch and its variation, and the last chain stitch boxes are for the mirrors to be worked inside. The detail-
After working the small square mirrors.
The detail after working the mirrors.
The sewn tunic.

I am consistent in writing the post late on Wednesdays. This week other than stitching, roaming around also happened.
The Beyond TAST challenge is in the same place as last week. The status of the SSS challenge is also the same. I have two stitches to learn and work on them.
The progress was on this aqua green tunic. The flowers were worked in pink cotton skein. Satin stitch in two strands.
I should start  working on Beyond TAST challenge at least this week.

This was a productive week.
The March and April black work mandala on MMM SAL was completed. The details and pictures will be posted later.
Some samples of Figure 8 knot stitch on SSS challenge was also tried during this week.
I had bought a ready to wear  printed Patiala salwar from FABINDIA. An ikat fabric was bought for the tunic. The combo.
A yoke was embroidered and the tunic was also sewn. This was in 2014. This was also worn a few times in India, but when I wore this time, the tunic felt loose and short. This was brought back to Muscat.
The idea of detaching the yoke and sewing it on to a peach fabric was implemented by the tailor. Now I want to work a buttonhole stitch  in peach colour around the inner circle, to match the peach tunic.
This linen fabric was bought in Dubai, IKEA. This fabric is to be used to work this month’s Beyond TAST challenge. It was cut to workable width and hemmed around the edges.
The sampler started with a small flower.


This is a printed silk chiffon tunic in black. I am fond of autumn colours.
Orange, green and gold colour cotton skeins were used .
The centre part of the yoke is done in buttonhole variation, with wood pieces secured with brown glass beads.
On both sides of the border a small pattern is repeated,where the leaves[?] are made in fly stitch variation, and the stem in feather stitch.

embroidery on black tunic

This embroidery was done 5 years ago.when I did not know how to use a computer, internet for inspiration.So the idea for embroidery came mainly from the print of the tunic.

emb on black tun-close up

The embroidery in this blouse was done five years ago.

When I had seen someone wearing a tunic in this colour, it inspired me. And I always wanted to do some big flowers in long&short stitch. With this vivid combination the embroidery was done in blouse front and the sleeves.
The fabric is synthetic chiffon. The embroidery is done in silk cotton fabric of same colour.
the stitches are done in long and short, stem stitch and buttonhole with three strands of cotton skein.
The pattern is a floral pattern repeat.
The blouse-

red flowers on yellow tunic

The close up of the embroidery-

yellow tunic -close up

Realities-the combination is tooo bright! so I can’t wear it in sunlight.

the bouse dose not fit that well,[Actually I don’t fit into it all that well !]

My yearning for doing a big florals in long&short stitch  [ofcourse,which I can wear] is still there.

All the details of this embroidery on yoke has been given earlier.
The whole set was cut , organized and sewn by my tailor.
Iam comfortable thinking of a design but not so ,in the department of cutting and sewing,
I have to learn it one of these days,till then I let the tailor surprise[Oh,ok] me, which to my discomfort , he does quite often.
The completed white tunic-

Orange & white tunic-1

The yellow embroidered border had to be cut and attached to the orange motif pattern the orange sequined piece had to be attached to the yellow border for the sleeves.
The closeup-

Orange&white tunic-closeup

I am totally satisfied with the final tunic.I’ll dig up the yoke pattern and post it later.

I can see an interest in this pattern and colours of this tunic. Actually orange fabric is just the yoke, it is outline with the border . and the tunic block printed cotton in white.
Earlier details of the yoke are here.
Moving on with rest of the yoke details-
I added straight stitches in white thread , in between the petals

Orange yoke-5

In this picture , the arrangement of sequins and various beads are seen-

Orange yoke-6

The embroidered pattern is the yoke and the top two sequined lines are for the sleeves.

Orange yoke-7

The main things have been detailed here. And completed tunic will be in the next post.