I have been working on designing tunics these days. Iam very fond of handloom cotton fabric available in Madras.Whenever I go there[ which is quite often] I tend to indulge  on a shopping spree. Having bought fabric  for tunics, I start to search for designs,models,types of embroidery.After choosing, I start to work on the pieces, It takes from 3 to 15 days to complete the design, depending on the work involved, then it is given for sewing.On some pieces the embroidery is done after the tunic is made. this is one such piece-

blue with blue beads

blue with blue beads

This is the top of a salwar set. the salwar[loose pant] is a hand woven cotton in blue and black. The top is plain blue, with black buttons[just embelleshment] The embroidery is in light blue thread with blue beads.the stitches are feather and stem.The tunic is in very bright blue, I felt if I use black, it may contrast with the base colour too much, so the lighter shade of the same blue was chosen.

Yesterday I got this idea -It’ll be useful to do a “stitch reference book”.where I can do the different stitches

and go through them whenever I want to use them.I am still pondering over the size of the book.If I do it in A4 size, I can fit it snugly to a file. But if I do it size 6 .in by 4. in I can  be a part of fabric post card pool.Today I have joined in a UFO group. I haven’t even started looking through my UFO’s, I am already thinking of adding one more.

kutch work on yake and sleeves

This work I did on maroon cloth, I took me a long time, to finish the sleeves.  the photo is not good at all.