A simple stitch with a long name is on SSS challenge this week. The working is on Queenie’s blog. These stitches were not part of TAST challenge. She has been posting stitches in alphabetical order till last week. It is interesting to learn new stitches and explore them. This week’s stitch is taken from Japanese embroidery book by Sadako Totsuka.
The sampler started with the basic stitch, the way it is worked by Queenie.in the second row, the buttonholed legs are shorter than the simple buttonhole legs. In the third sample the angled buttonholed legs are longer. The buttonholed legs are alternatively long and short in the fourth sample.
I wanted to combine this stitch with other buttonhole stitch variations. The first row is a combination with closed buttonhole, the second row was worked with the thinking that it is knotted buttonhole, but realized after checking it is actually sailor’s edge stitch with long legs, buttonholed stitches are combined with that. In the third row, this stitch combined with top knotted buttonhole. The fourth sample has crossed buttonhole with this stitch.
I started with the combination of this stitch with fancy bobbin stitch in the first row, knotted buttonhole stitch in the second row, sailor stitch in the third row and variation of up and down buttonhole stitch in the fourth row.
The first sample is with picots, it does not look that impressive, still it is a stitch combo. The straight line is whipped [or laced?] in the second sample. I was itching to buttonhole the straight line from the minute I read the name of the stitch, it is done in the last sample.
It was interesting to study and explore this stitch. The completed sampler.

SSS.27.buttonholed buttonhole stitch sampler

Line15-two versions with blanket stitch-


Line 16a-variation of buttonhole stitchWIP-


Line16b-fly stitch with this variation-


Line17- with closed buttonhole st-


Line18- with running stitch-


Line19-fly with double running st-


Line20-with detached chain stitch-


Line 21a- A row of cross stitch variation-


Line21b-Fly stitchs over the cross stitches-


Line22- fly stitches with chevron stitch-


Line 23- fly stitches with a version of feather stitches- this version is used in ethnic Indian embroidery-


Though there are other stitches , I seem to be working the fly stitches the same way for all rows. So, trying some other variations.
Line 24- I found this twisted fly stitch in A-Z of embroidery stitches -1-


Line 25-another version of fly stitch worked insingle strand of shaded pink thread-


Line 26- fly stitch laced with rimjim thread-


Line 27- fly stitch whipped with rimjim thread_


Line 28a-the fly stitches are worked to be laced with rimjim thread-


Line28b-laced fly stitch-


Line 29-whipped variation of fly stitch-


Line 30-zigzag fly stitch with sequins and beads-


Line31- lace couched with fly stitch, with beads-


This fly stitch sampler is completed with these stitches.
The first part-

1.flyst2 sampler-1

The second part-

1.flyst2 sampler-2

The third part-

1.flyst2 sampler-3

The last rows-

1.flyst2 sampler-4

I feel this f ly stitch has a mind of its own , and I had to draw the last line somewhere! LOL!