This is printed silk fabric I bought in India.
I wanted a very simple yoke pattern, a circle was drawn and the stitches were chosen to make a design-as opposed to drawing the whole design and stitch according to the design.
I’ll explain further-
first straight stitches were done in a circle,
then alternate edges were done in detached chain,
after that, arrow head stitches were done over the detached chain.
the small seed beads were stitches into the valleys of the arrowhead stitches.
Single fly stitches were made over the beads,
And lastly black seed beads were added to the space in between the fly stitches.
This completed one circle,and five similar circles were made.
I used single strand of anchor cotton skeins throughout the embroidery.
Thus, the yoke was completed.

cream printed silk -1

The close up-

cre silk -close up

The quality of the fabric is so good, that it drapes over the body. This does not even require a lining. I like wearing this tunic.
The inspiration for this came from, seeing a similar formation of arrowhead stitches, but I don’t remember where.
Maybe, using one of the colours from the print would have enhanced the look.wish someone tries that.