For some time, I  had the idea of  doing a whole project in satin stitch.The inspiration came from seeing-persian/chinese/chinai embroidery on some designer satin silk sarees.The embroidery is done in single colour.This time, it was aneck pattern , not the usual yoke pattern.I had a pink salwar[I ndian tunic pants]. The fabric was a chiffon in a very dark blue.It is not possible[ or just plain hard] to do satin st on chiffon. So a blueish pink silk cotton was chosen to do the embroidery.The embroidered piece before attaching to the tunic-

embroidery on neck

The pattern is taken from persian embroidery design, I tilted the motifs to my reqiurements for the neckline.

 The completed tunic-

blue and pink tunic

It looks better in real than in picture!