This week’s stitch on TAST 2012 challenge by SharonB is cable chain stitch.
I was not expecting this! I had skipped this stitch in the previous challenge, and worked on it as a category of chain stitch during the 8thweek of this challenge. Now this stitch has its own place on this challenge. I want to maintain the tempo of my stitch sampler, so will work on a few variations of this stitch . the sampler-

25.cabl chain stitch sampler-2

The details-
1. As  suggested by SharonB on her blog, I tried this stitch on curved line, on these two rows-


2. On the first row, cable chain stitch is worked over three straight stitches worked at even intervals. The second row,the cable chain sticth is combined with crossed buttonhole stitch.


3.cable chain stitch is worked with bugle bead rows.


4.the first row ,cable chain stitch is worked between two rows of herringbone stitch. The second row,I tried combining cable chain stitch with stem stitch, not very appealing though. The third row cable chain stitch worked over a row of vertical herringbone stitch.


5. first row is a combination of cable chain stitch with feather stitch.
The second row, it is a combination of cable chain stitch with Cretan stitch, for some reason I  like this variation.


6.this row is a combination of cable chain stitch with buttonhole wheel.


This week’s cable chain stitch sampler is completed with this row.

The pictures of the four chain stitch varieties , which I had worked this week.
A. cable chain stitch A cab ch sampler

b- knotted cable chain stitch B kn cab ch-sampler

c-checkered chain stitch C che ch sampler

d-shell chain stitch D sh ch sampler

Cable chain stitch
I worked a few more samples of cable chain stitch today.
2- In the first row , I laced the cable chain stitch. And combined cable chain stitch with untwisted chain stitch. A cab ch-2

3-this row the cablechain stitch is alternated with twisted chain stitch. A cab ch-3

4-the zig zag version of cable chain stitch. A cab ch-4

5-In the first row the cable chain stitch is whipped on both sides. In the next row, Cross stitches were worked in between the cable chain stitches. A cab ch-5

6- bunch of three detached chain stitches are worked on a row of cable chain stitches. A cab ch-6

7-beads were added to a line of cable chain stitches. A cab ch-7

With these samples I am completing my sample stitches of cable chain stitch.
Tomorrow it is knotted cable chain stitch.

I am planning to do a stitch sampler with varieties of chain stitch for this week’s TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB.
These stitches are chosen from earlier TAST challenges . I had not explored them , when participating in those challenges. This way, I am able to work those unfinished stitches and also get to work on this week’s stitch.
1. Cable chain stitch
The first stitch chosen is cable chain stitch. This was the 36th week stitch of first TAST Challenge.
Since I had not used this stitch much, I am starting to familiarize myself with this stitch.
The sampler in progress- in this part of the sampler, I have started with working this cable chain stitch, alternating the size of the chain stitch, alternating the length of the cable, starting the stitch in the middle of the previous stitch and combining it with chain stitch A cab ch-1