I was away on holiday, when this stitch was announced on the TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB. I had worked this stitch sampler during the previous TAST challenge, the details are here.
This time buttonhole wheel cup stitch was worked with other TAST stitches. Before working the buttonhole wheel cup, the other stitches were worked in cotton floss.

43.buttonwheel cup2-samp1

The completed sampler-

43.buttonhole wheel cup st- sampler

The details-
1. The other stitches are detached chain , fly , herringbone, pistil, feather and cast on stitches.


2 . Basque , Algerian eye, crossed and normal buttonhole variation, in the first row. The second row has- zigzag chain, two buttonhole wheel cups with wheat ear and Italian border stitch variation with French knots. And in the third row, Italian border stitch, running stitch and knotted loop stitch.


3.In the first row, bullions are worked in the centre, buttonhole open wheel cup is the  sample in the middle  and in the third sample green beads are added around this stitch. Running stitch is worked around three buttonhole wheel cup stitches and buttonhole wheel variations are worked with stem stitch in the last sample.


This sampler was more about working of this stitch with other stitches to form different decorative arrangements. The idea was drawn on paper –


Then later incorporated with appropriate embroidery.