Stitch challenges
This week I could work on one stitch sampler on SSS challenge- Chinese cross stitch. Three more stitches to be tackled on this five stitch session- braid stitch, Chinese knot and Japanese stitch.
There was a combination of feather and chain stitch on TAST challenge last week which I have been too busy to work.
There was no progress on kasuti sampler.
A pattern was drawn for the red striped tunic. The embroidery will be around the arm hole in the front starting from the shoulders. After drawing and tracing the pattern on red fabric, chain stitch borders were started with dark violet thread.
This fabric is jute cotton. Yet to gather information about this. It is not too pricey, bought in Chennai, India, have seen this fabric in outlets like FABINDIA. But the durability and comfort factor needs to be seen.  Implementing an idea to have embroidery in the front and sleeves, the fabric is with the tailor to be marked.
Now I have tunics made of two fabrics. The first one is a combo of plain brown and black block printed fabric.
The second tunic is a combination of two printed fabrics.
How to embellish these two tunics is the next thing in the agenda.

This cross stitch neck pattern was in a pattern book bought in India.
It was done on white tunic.
This fabric is mauve colour semi-tussar ,bought in Kalpadruma, Chennai.
Waste canvas was used to embroider this cross stitch pattern on neck and sleeves.
Four strands of Dark pink and white colour threads were used.
The tunic-

croos stitch neck pattern


cross stitch neck pattern-closeup

I had to dry wash this fabric, which I did not know then.So, the original texture of the tunic was lost. It looked well worn after the first wash!
Keep learning new lessons everyday, that’s my policy.[hiding that I was stupid]