I am fond of of kashmiri embroidery done in single strand.
Inthis type of embroidery,After working on the traced pattern,the empty spaces in between are also covered with straight , fly stitches .
The finished embroidery looks as if it is done on appliquéd cloth.But also looks like it is part of the base fabric[like jamevar shawls etc]
Coming back to my inspiration, I tried doing this on blouse[saree] sleeves.
I did the whole thing in single strand, used the same stitches, but failed to fill the empty spaces[I understood that later, after seeing many samples. HEE!HEE!]
Now I have with me a blouse which is embroidered with some motifs!
I call it Kashmiri embroidery for a simple reason-it inspired me!
This blouse was for a cream printed silk saree.
The coffee brown blouse material is silk cotton.

motifs on brown blouse

brown blouse close up

it sure took a long time to complete this , I aged doing this.

We need to understand the importance of our health and well being. And we should take the informations which we stumble upon in our life time– learn, understand,adapt, practice,and make it our own.
A few years ago, I met a woman, Hasreen in Salallah. This lady taught some basic things about our health[exercises and diet], which proved to be very useful.
To this day , these theories are working so well.
I wanted to gift[guru dakshina] her something special, so I embroidered a blouse with kantha work for her.
The picture taken is not of high quality, all that I have is the memory of doing it.
The blouse was to be worn with a saree.
Front neckline is partially covered , generally back neck is embellished. Here also I followed the same idea.
The pattern was designed for kantha embroidery[Indian embroidery from Bengal].
The colours- green and shades of pink.
The neckline-

pink kanthawork blouse-neckline

I made a paisley pattern for the sleeves, and border pattern on the neckline is done along with it.

pink kanthawork-sleeves


The picture was taken with a simple camera, I just wanted to share the idea here.

The embroidery in this blouse was done five years ago.

When I had seen someone wearing a tunic in this colour, it inspired me. And I always wanted to do some big flowers in long&short stitch. With this vivid combination the embroidery was done in blouse front and the sleeves.
The fabric is synthetic chiffon. The embroidery is done in silk cotton fabric of same colour.
the stitches are done in long and short, stem stitch and buttonhole with three strands of cotton skein.
The pattern is a floral pattern repeat.
The blouse-

red flowers on yellow tunic

The close up of the embroidery-

yellow tunic -close up

Realities-the combination is tooo bright! so I can’t wear it in sunlight.

the bouse dose not fit that well,[Actually I don’t fit into it all that well !]

My yearning for doing a big florals in long&short stitch  [ofcourse,which I can wear] is still there.

Today I have started my experiments on “Darning’  from the stitch explorer challenge .Initially Iam planning to  adapt some “Ikat” weave patterns for my experiments, once I get well established in this technique,I’ll browse the sources posted by Sharon.

Iam putting on hold my  tunic embroideries  for the time being. My friend Padma from Shilpi wanted a embroidered blouse for her daughter, but with a crack on my finger I couldn’t work then.I started this blouse a few days back, It is a very simple pattern,done on the back and sleeves-

motif on sleeve

motif on sleeveKutch work is the base for this pattern, I just embellished with other stitches. She chose the color combinations.border pattern on blouse

The inspiration for this border pattern was from a book of traditional Indian motifs. I just substituted kutch motif for flowers.
blouse border
blouse border

Yesterday was also a learning day for me. I visited some of the blogs of my fellow members of the stitching group.I was itching to learn a stitch,’kamal kadai’,which I found on Deepa’s blog. The chemanthi stitch, I have never heard of,but found a similarity with  my mirror stitch. I have started my week-10, barred chainst,it is a slow process.I  also made a list of samplers I want to do. one by one I am tying myself to so many challenges,scary but I have to start this someday,otherwise I’ll just be incorporating the stitches to my tunics.I hope it’ll be ok after I have completed a few.

In this blouse, I have done kasooti st[holbein st]on a cream cloth. this was done seperately. I have cream saree with red border,to go with this