After working a few more motifs in satin stitch I completed this stitch sampler. More designs are available on the downloaded books.
Along with the floral , the border pattern also captured my interest.

14.sat st-15

A geometrical pattern and a flower.

14.sat st-16

More florals.

14.sat st-17

This one I had left incomplete, now completed

14.sat st-18

A few more florals

14.sat st-19

The last set of designs in satin stitch.

14.sat st-20

The complete set of floral pattern done in satin stitch.

14.sat st-motifs

The satin stitch sampler done on canvas.

14.sat st-sampler

The idea of working satin stitch sampler with these antique patterns came when this stitch was part of the challenge on stitchin fingers. I did not work on it at that time. With this TAST 2012 challenge, I took the opportunity to make use of those patterns.

This fabric is self checked tussar silk tunic. I[means my tailor] made into a short tunic[kurti] .
The pattern –, I took a part of a corner pattern from a neck design book, and made it into a long diamond shape. The three medallion shapes are adapted from this shape. The filling stitch was an after thought, done by using the checks on the fabric.
The colours used are peach and green, the whole embroidery is done in two strands of anchor cotton skeins[I had not started using silk threads back then].
Now for the tunic-

Cream tunic-1

The close up-

Cream tunic- close up

The length of the tunic was too short, so later, a eyelet embroidered fabric in peach colour was attached to the base of the tunic. The salwar[Indian pants] was sewn with the same colour to make it into a set.

When I visited Sharon’s blog, I came to know of this site, which has scanned pictures of patterns dating back to 1885. Enjoy them!
1885- India was under British rule.Even My grandfather was not even born.

These are the few pouches made in satin cloth,

satin-1 Akka

satin-1 Akka

I felt satin cloth would be a ideal fabric for lingerie pouch, This peach satin, was fot my sister[Akka], the pattern is from an old embroidery pattern book,  which I modified to suit the pouch template. the monogram “V'”for Veena,was from antique pattern library .But I made a mistake [the letter is reversed], which I found out only after the piece was completed.I used the same colour lace for all the pouches, I also used some beads of same colour.

Satin-2 Manni

Satin-2 Manni

This pouch was for my sister in law[Manni], brother’s wife. “R” is for Revathi, She always likes thick embroidery, I used mostly satin stitch  for this piece Floral pattern modified from old embroidery book,and the monogram fron APL.

satin-3 chitra

satin-3 chitra

This was the pouch I  made for myself .I just changed the laces to differentiate  the pouches, My tailor of course made a very good job of these pieces, It was not easy to embroider on satin with a embroidery hoop, the tension of the hoop distorts the satin, it is more so in light colours.Handloom cotton was used for lining.After browsing through the net for personalised embroidery gifts I hit on these ideas of lingerie pouches and towel edgings. The towel edgings will be on my next post,I better grind some batter for  ‘vada’   for tomorrow ‘s festival – Vinayaga chadhurthi’.

I got this idea of designing lingerie pouch for the new couple.I used satin fabric for the bride and cream linen for the groom.

white and cream pouch

white and cream pouch

I got the inspiration for this pattern from e-book on antique pattern library.The pattern is just a part of the whole design,the dimensions were according to the size of the pouch.His name is Deepak,so “D”.

pink lingerie pouch

pink lingerie pouch

The pattern for this pouch is from an old embroidery design book,this is a corner design,I also used some beads to embellish.the monogram is from e-book from antique pattern library.

pink pouch-2

pink pouch-2

I had to use this satin flower for button,to give a finishing touch.The pouches sewn by my tailor.

Made a few more pouches too for others,which I ‘ll post after my bridal gifts are over.