For the past few days I have been feasting my eyes on WILLS INDIA FASHION WEEK . .I love apparells with  embroidery. WIFW was full of it.Most of the designs were wearable .Wonderful range of colours and materials.Very beautiful designs too.

I also started on the next TAST stitch -fly.I thought I’ll do it red colour.I am working on the experiments.this time I’ll post the pictures on my blog daily,depending on my progress.

Other than red I am also using golden yellow, brown, and light green to break the monotony. This stitch is also versatile, let’s see how many variations I can think of.

Atlast I got the tunic stitched. I also took a few photos of my previous work. Deepa from the stitchinfingers group enquired about mirror work. I have been doing this for many years, maybe I should work on tutorial for mirror fixing, anyway if she asks me again I’ll eloborate on it.Since she is good at the chemanthi st,I think she can easily catch up.

I am still floundering how to add link to my post.Perseverence is the key here.

green on cream
green on cream

I worked the kutchwork on a same colour cloth and attached it to the tunic. I can’t wear it till I buy the salwar