The embroidery in this blouse was done five years ago.

When I had seen someone wearing a tunic in this colour, it inspired me. And I always wanted to do some big flowers in long&short stitch. With this vivid combination the embroidery was done in blouse front and the sleeves.
The fabric is synthetic chiffon. The embroidery is done in silk cotton fabric of same colour.
the stitches are done in long and short, stem stitch and buttonhole with three strands of cotton skein.
The pattern is a floral pattern repeat.
The blouse-

red flowers on yellow tunic

The close up of the embroidery-

yellow tunic -close up

Realities-the combination is tooo bright! so I can’t wear it in sunlight.

the bouse dose not fit that well,[Actually I don’t fit into it all that well !]

My yearning for doing a big florals in long&short stitch  [ofcourse,which I can wear] is still there.

The tunic is silk chiffon in dark blue[ with violet shades]..The all over paisleys are in dark pink ,golden yellow and light blue. So the fabric on which the embroidery is done is also dark pink. I used dark blue, yellow&light blue colours for embroidery embroidery.
The stitches used are-
Back stitch,chain stitch,fly stitch, arrowhead st, straight stitch.
Some sequins and beads are also used for embellishments.

Blue&pink tunic

A simple pattern is chosen for embroidery.The closeup-

Blue&pink tunic- closeup

Lesson learnt-Choose better quality of sequins and beads for silk fabrics. Only then,it gives a better look.

The tunic is cream[greenish] semi tussar silk fabric.I have a banares silk dupatta in beige and green.This piece was designed to match that
.This was the first time to use stones and zardosi beads together.
I chose a very simple pattern ,the stitches were satin and stem.

light green tunic

The fabric did not lend itself to the embroidery.

light green tunic-closeup

the main attraction in this set is the dupatta[scarf],Iwanted to keep it that way, but still, would have been happier if the embroidered  yoke also looked better than it is now.

I had these  white[a creamy white, really!]  cotton fabric and  a  blue  cotton fabric with a small zari border  .

I wanted to mix and match these two with a fully embroidered yoke.

Then, for the design-it was traditional floral pattern, with borders.

 then the final thing -the embroidery itself- for this the choice  was ‘Kantha’ work, thought it would be easy to fill with running stitches .

How wrong I was! Though the stitching was a breeze, it really  took a long time to finish this tunic,including the sleeves.

 I used light and medium shades of this turqoise blue, here and there I also used blue silk thread.

pattern outlined-

Kantha tunic- outline

This is the closeup of the embroidery-

kantha tunic-closeup

Now for the finished tunic, the blue zari border is used in sleeves and the slit over the sides-

kantha tunic-3


The other sleeve is not seen here, but it is there!

Iam so very fond of this blue colour, and tend to use this wherever possible, hope  will be content  now, having  used it fully on this white[?] tunic.

Another small piece of unnecessary information- the tailor stitched the sleeve patterns upside down, I still can’t fathom why?

I had this tunic for quite some time.

These are two different fabrics, the black woven ikat had the border , and I chose a plain red handloom fabric to go with it.

Then the fabric was stitched with  red front, woven black for the sleeves and back, and the border for front yoke and the sides.I  selected a plain black cotton for salwar[Indian pants]. the embroidery-

Small kutchwork motifs in black and cream,going around the border yoke,

 Round mirrors placed in between the motifs in variegated red thread.

 The tunic-

black & red ikat -1

 The mirrors are more visible in  this –

Black &red ikat- closeup

I particularily like this colour combination.As it is seen, the woven motifs in black  are  a mixture of grey and beige, they were  not contrasting enough [dull] so, I prefered to use cream ,to go with the effect.This is one of my favourite tunics.

This tunic was done, sometime ago.

There is  ‘Post  a photo of..’ challenge on Stitchin fingers group.Last time the title was couching, I couln’t add any photos.

This time it is ‘Beading’. I have been experimenting with beads and sequins for some time,this tunic also falls under that category.

 The fabric is synthetic crepe.the design idea I got from going around shops.

I did the embroidery after stitching the tunic[by Tailor ,ofcourse] I used anchor  cotton skeins and antique sequins and beads. The stitches chosen were quite simple  line stitches. Now for the tunic-

brown crepe-1


 the close up of the Yoke-

Brown crepe-2

Preview of the next post-

While  browsing the antique pattern books downloaded  from the antique pattern library, I was fascinated by some embroidery designs done  in white on bonnets.  Such wonderful patterns. And I wanted to use them .

I had a stitched  pink tunic with a white printed salwar.

The E-book did not have  patterns, only the embroidery. So I made a choice of the design and the stitches. These I incorporated on a symmetrical  yoke pattern.After tranfering the pattern to the tunic,I did the embroidery.

the fabric is  handloom cotton in plain pink.

White emb on pink-1

the veiw from another angle-

White emb on pink-2

The  embroidery  work  I did was not perfect by any standards.So what ? This ‘ll be one more excuse to do more embroidery.