This is white linen tunic with pink stripe..
For this ,I chose a dark pink fabric for the embroidery.
The stitches used were-
Herringbone st,chain st, buttonhole st and straight st.
The design was a simple repeat pattern, for sleeves and yoke.
Later this was embellished with beads and sequins.

White&pink linen tunic

The colours used were- shades of pink, green and yellow[ very little imagination]

White&pink linen tunic-closeup

It is just a mixture of decorative seam treatments.

This doily I did in way back 2005.I was doing a needle work course with a lady in Chennai.As a part of the course, I had to do some[means lot]  projects in embroidery, crochet, tatting and  counted thread. I did a few.

Then I came to know that, I have to leave these projects with the  course evalutors for considerable length of time, but there were no real  rules to  safeguard the projects that were sent there. I backed out of the whole  thing .I continued with the projects for  my satisfaction.But this doily was done before the awareness , So it has the intials and year on it.

I wanted to make  large tatted edging intially, but that was not working for this , doily with the cut big edging-

Tatted \blue doily -1

 I don’t remember where I got the cross stitch pattern. The doily now-

Blue cross stitched doily