The tunic is hand woven ikat cotton.
The embroidered yoke is borrowed from another tunic.I had a black mangalagiri with woven thread border. The border was attached to the yoke when it was sewn. Then the mirrorwork and embroidery was worked.. This is the flashback.
When I bought this red tunic ,the idea kept flashing –the yoke would look good on this. .So the old yoke was attached to the tunic top.
I attached the square and the triangle mirrors with black thread.[2 strands]
A decorative border with straight stitches and herringbone filling was done around the border.[3 strands]
The threads were anchor cotton skeins.

bla yoke red tun-1

This color combination is always a winner.

bla yoke red tun-2

bla yoke red tun-3

The tunics I have been posting were done  were done  few years ago. I never took pictures then. So the pictures which are taken now are all fully completed works.

 These days, I take pictures at  stages while I work on a tunic,.This is very useful to learn the progressive effects from a design pattern to the completed tunic.

Some more old tunics are still waiting.

This tunic is in antique pink colour with vertical stripes in cream..The salwar was also the same fabric .
The colours were already decided as cream and dark pink.
I wanted a big motif for the centre.for this I chose a square cross stitch pattern and tilted it to an angle to get a diamond shape
.Drew the pattern on the graph paper and traced it on to the cloth., Then cross stitched the whole pattern.
I did the neckline with feather stitch
.Used 3 strands of cotton skeins throughout.

Cross stitched yoke on pink tunic

I had a grey dupatta[shawl] with red& white ikat border.To make it a salwar[Indian tunic] set,I bought a plain red handloom cotton fabric.

The pattern chosen was simple phulkari[suface satin ] border for neck&sleeves. I also found some novelty silver beads for the neckline[now they are easily available, earlier they were quite scarce,I was excited to acquire them.
For the neck-
3 lines of zigzag coral st[I was learning this stitch] and then two geometrical patterns were repeated throughout the neckline,then I attached these novelty silver beads.two shades of grey and off white colour threads were used.

grey in red tunic

For the sleeves-
Again a simple pattern, which matched the neck pattern,made with holbein [double running] stitch, and back stitch.

red&grey sleeves

Generally not too fond of grey colour,but this dupatta caught my eye, and with the matching beads, Very satisfying.