blue tunic with pink yoke

In this stage of the embroidery on pink yoke with a floral pattern, the calyx are completed.
The thread is another shade of green, the stitches are chain. the leaves are also lined in stem stitches in this picture.



The second stage in this pink yoke for the blue tunic-
The bud and the centre of the flowers are done in violet thread.
The stitches used are straight and satin stitches.


I have tried taking pictures of the yoke in different stages of embroidery.
In this picture the leaves are done in green thread, the stitches used are button hole st,and leaf stitch.

bluepink yoke-1

In this tunic project , the yoke fabric used for embroidery is dark pink, totally different from the tunic .
The tunic fabric is a printed synthetic material . It looks more like a saree than a tunic-

bluepink tunic-fabric


I wanted to embroider a simple floral pattern in blue with some seed beads. Dark pink fabric was chosen [ the tunic has some pink streaks] for the yoke.I also had a brocade material in pink for outlining the yoke.

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