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To understand this stitch better I have using Ikat weave as an inspiration.This is helping a lot .I have also started on considering the possibilities of  phulkari and kasouti.In Phukari, the pattern darning is  used extensively,  but they don’ t use even weave fabric, but any other fabric like, cotton, chiffon, silk.  Typical motifs which can be filled with this stitch are drawn.The wrong side of the fabric doesn’t carry much thread[ to avoid damage].

In kasouti,the basis is holbein stitch,these pattern darning motifs are incorporated in between . Both holbein stitch designs and pattern darning designs can be drawn on graph paper, [easier that way].

Now for my sampler-

8 patterns

8 patterns

As you can see, I have been experimenting  with colours.till now it has been tie and dye ikat weave patterns.

I did a few more experiments on Pattern Darning.The  Ikat weave gives many possibilities,but the motifs are too big to be used for sample stitching.

9 patterns

9 patterns

I started using stranded cotton also to get the effect.I browsed the stitch explorer flickr group for  some inspiration, wonderful  work done by the participants.Thinking I’ll trya few more on I kat weave to under stand the working of this stitch.Some phulkari and kasauti embroideries also adapt this stitch in their designs. I have to study them too.This is the first time I am posting entries ,while working  on the sampler.Wondering  how many variations  are possible?I often visit Elizabeth [great inspiration]. Thought Why not try doing it this way?

I am working on this month’s stitch explorer -Pattern Darning. Needle weaving  Iam yet to start,mixed media and contemporary style Iam yet to comprehend.

Iam using ‘Ikat weave ‘ to help me in exploring this stitch.My first few steps-

first 6 patterns

first 6 patterns

Iam using perle is not producing the effect. I ‘ll start using stranded cotton too[4 strands].This time it is not a band sampler,Just small patterns.

Flora had enquired on embroidering on tunics.I  have been working  on tunics  for some time now.

1st step-choosing the pattern for the tunic.[from fashion shows,magazines etc]

2nd step-Incorprating  it to my requirements.

3rd step- choosing fabric ,colours.stitches

4th step-Drawing the pattern on paper.

5th step-tracing or copying the pattern on to fabric.

6th step-colour co ordinating with embroidery strands.

 7th step-Actual working on the piece, I spend atleast   2 hours  a day on that piece and alternate betwwen large and small projects.

The first 6 steps are done over a period of many weeks[which leaves me  with lots of UFO’s],

once the piece is  designed and ready for embroidery, I work continously till it is completed .

Hope this answers your question.

I embroidered few more lingerie pouches  last month.The pouches were made in satin for ladies and cotton and linen  for men.

blue-1 bala

blue-1 bala

This was done for my younger nephew, He loves blue colour, the fabric is cotton with white polka dots, His name is Balaji, thus, the letter”B”.I did a small border in chicken scratch,with pearl cotton.

linen pouch Anna

linen pouch Anna

This I did for my brother[anna] on linen. His name is Sekar,so,”S”. The design was modified from  a pattern on antique pattern library.the thread used for this is  anchor cotton skein.I safely used only one colour[less thinking]

blue-2 Gangadharan

blue-2 Gangadharan

This one is for my Dear Hubby, The cloth is the same blue cotton,same threads,the border design alone I changed . The pouches were sewn by my tailor[ I am scared to start sewing, hoping for some divine intervention I suppose]

I’ ll give the details and pictures of the satin lingerie pouches on my next post

Today .Sharon has given details of” for the loving of stitching sampler band 112″. I was surprised becauseI was also working on curves today.I filled it with chain stitch,Once the piece is completed, I ‘ll post it on my blog.

I enjoyed doing this month’s stitch explorer-Assissi embroidery.

But ,Iam not fully satisfied because, I don’t feel I have explored this embroidery.I did not try new and bigger ways. Iam still new to these challenges,and just feeling my way now around .

I did not explore trellis stitch at all -Iam yet to learn.Somehow I keep postponing it.

My assissi picture frames all together-assissi007

I eagerly waiting  for the next challenge,and hoping I can explore and finish it on time.

This is the last picture of my four assissi frame  designsassissi0041


  Deer was the main theme.I chose  an easy blackwork fillng pattern.

I like the border of this picture the best of the four .

I forgot to take photo of this picture ,while I was working.

The framed picture-assissi006

This is the third picture of the assissi frames ,I designed last year.


The peacock is the main design in this picture.Iam always fond of traditional  Indian motifs.Within the size of the frame,I was unable to do a symmetrical design.Deciding on the   overall pattern  was not as easy as I thought it would be. assissi001

The border is very simple chesswork pattern.


Now the framed picture-


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