I wanted to post the working of this motif ,then realized that the simpler version of this was not posted here, so last time I posted the working of that simple motif[6]. This is the extended version of that small motif. The motif-


The motif drawing

motif-7 drawing

The pattern on cloth-

motif-7 pat on cloth

The basic anchoring stitches . these are worked in dark pink.
There are four bands and a square which goes around these bands. Starting with the first band-


The completed first band-


Two bands on one side completed.


Band on the other side, notice the up and down movement of the thread here.


Fourth band worked in the same manner as the third one.


Now for the square around these bands.


The worked square, the details of the up and down movement of the thread is to be noted here too.


Woven stitches-
The difference between the woven kutchwork and the normal kutchwork interlacing is very distinct in this motif. Normal interlacing will produce hollow squares in between, where as , this woven kutchwork is fully covered with weaving of the second thread.
In this sample the weaving is done in green thread.


Weaving starts from the square edge, the up and down movement is shown by the needle-


The other three sides are woven in the same way.


This pattern needs the fourth line to be worked separately to complete each square inside the pattern, the working of all the fourth lines. Start with the L-shaped corner between the band and square edge-


Weave through to the opposite side, turn around and come back weaving through the basic stitches.


After working the outer edge of the first band, move to the other band-


The outer edge of the second band completed. Move to the band on the other side-


The outer edge of the third band is also completed, the last band-


The outer edge are woven to form the fourth lines of this woven squares.


Now for weaving and filling of the bands themselves.


The path taken by the first weaving inside the band-


The completed first band-


The woven second band-


After the completion of the third band, and the beginning of the fourth and last band-


The last journey taken by the weaving thread-


The completed motif-


Another view of the same-


Notes- in this motif, the weaving looks very easy as compared to other motifs. The weaving part of it is easy. But, generally the size of the motif will not be this big . the first journey is easy, after that each and every step, the previous woven threads gets in the way of working, confusing each and every insertion. Care should be taken to practice this weaving fully before venturing into some project. The sample shown here is the normal size of this motif.

motif-7 sample

Happy stitching, any queries are always welcome,
Thank you,

3 Responses to “Kutchwork tutorials-motif-7[medium]”

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  2. Ashavinod Says:

    Thank you for sharing it. A lovely tutorial.

  3. uma Says:

    Tutorial explanation is very clear and easy to understand.Thank u.

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