As requested, I am providing the instructions to work this trial pattern motif in woven kutchwork method.
The drawn version of this pattern is big, and I have used pearl cotton for working this pattern- this is for photographic purposes only. If it is worked  in this way, it doesn’t look good. So, use this as a guide . I also used two different threads – one for base stitch, another for weaving.
The drawing of the pattern to be worked-

trial pattern-1 drawing

The pattern on cloth-


The thread starting point-

kutch 2

The base stitches[bands] are worked three steps. Two separate bands, and one connected band.
First band-

kutch 3

the completed first separate band

kutch 4

After completing each band, the thread goes back to the wrong side, and it is taken out at the starting point of the next band.

kutch 5

The completed second separate band

kutch 6

The starting of the connected band-

kutch 7

Take a stitch, and cross over to the opposite end, a long journey

kutch 8

Important point, when the stitch is done at this point, the thread goes under the previous thread-

kutch 9

After working the stitch in the same way as previous one-

kutch 10

When working this connected band, care should taken when crossing over the already existing separate bands, wherever required move above or below alternatively. The last stitch on this part of the connected band, worked same as the previous two stitches-

kutch 11

Complete the connected band this way-

kutch 12

First step to start the weaving. a two square journeys are required to be done around the two centre squares created by the bands. This journey helps in forming a line of thread on the outer squares.
The starting-

kutch 13

The first square is completed with the weaving thread.

kutch 14

The starting of the second square-

kutch 15

The movement of the second square lacing.

kutch 16

Completed laced squares and starting of the weaving on the bands- The working is on the separate band first, then continuing with the connected band, and finishing off with the other separate band-

kutch 17

Started weaving with the white thread-

kutch 18

The completed band-

kutch 19

Started weaving on the connected band-

kutch 20

Completed weaving on the first part of the connected band.[picture quality not good]

kutch 21

Completed working on the connected band-

kutch 22

Interlacing on the next separate band-

kucth 22

The needle passing through the stitches-

kutch 24

Completed pattern-

completed motif

Another view of the same-

completed motif -2

On my previous tutorials , the weaving steps were done elaborately, but in this tutorial I thought, whoever uses this should be having this basic idea of weaving. so, if anyone needs more clarification, they can leave their comments.
Hope this tutorial was useful!

5 Responses to “Kutchwork tutorial-trial pattern -1 motif-4”

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  2. sudha Says:

    hi mam thanq ,its very usefull tutorial,thanq for it.& i want to start practice it …..urgently………:D

    1. jizee6687 Says:

      I’ll also be happy to see your projects, if you do any. I’ll start working on the other two patterns in a short while.

  3. nil Says:

    i ws looking for this specific kind of interlacing,thank u so much for posting, thanks again for posting mind boggling designs.

  4. nandini Says:

    nice design

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