This motif pattern I had worked on a red tunic , posted here.

red kutch on red tunic

The paper pattern was also posted on my earlier post.
The pattern-

large motif1- pattern

This being an intermediary level motif, I am doing this tutorial with the assumtion that the people who are using this, need guidance and reference and not the long details
Working of the motif-
The basic anchor stitches are done in 7 part. This anchoring stitches are same for  normal[unwoven] kutchwork also. For convenience I have used the word steps, but they can be worked in any order. I followed this order.
1st step-
The basic stitch starts in the centre. I have worked this motif with pointed ends. With the basic principle that the thread should up and down alternatively, the centre square is worked like this-


2nd step-
The bands on the four outer squares are worked with the anchoring stitch. The first band-


All the bands completed –


3rd step-
In this step the opposite squares are done in one journey. The starting-


The working of basic stitch on one side-


Crossing over to the opposite side-


Working the basic stitch on the opposite side-


The opposite squares are completed in one journey.


The last anchoring is also done in the same manner. The completed basic thread.


Now for the weaving and interlacing, which are worked in another colour thread. First we’ll work all the interlacing , which are extras.
Extras- whenever we are working on the interlacing part on kutch work designs, some motifs do not lend themselves to be completed in a continuous journey. The three paths inside a square are completed, the fourth one remains incomplete. For this, we make this thread journey separately for those incomplete squares. We work on this first and then move on to the longer ones, that way , the fourth one to be worked is not forgotten. In this particular motif , there are ten extras to be worked- two for the centre and eight on the outside squares.
The centre-
The fourth one for this centre starts like this-


Another extra perpendicular to the previous one. Two extras completed.


Now for the extras on the outer squares, small square interlacing is done for the extra line. Starting with one of the ten extras here.


Two adjacent squares are interlaced.


The completed extras.


Till now the steps are the same for normal kutchwork and woven kutchwork for this motif.the weaving starts from this step. Starting with , weaving the bands on which the small extras are made on the outer squares .


Close up of the same band-


All the bands are woven in the same manner-


There are nine inner squares to be filled with woven interlacing in the centre, when we start longer interlacing, the centre most square, will be completed, the other four inner squares will be woven with two thread journeys, the outer squares and the other two journeys of the inner squares will not be even touched, so we will be taking care of those thread journeys now. It may sound complicated, but when the actual working is not difficult .


Starting from one corner , weave through the basic stitches and the extras worked before, and reach the other corner, repeat the whole thing till we reach the starting point. Insert the needle into the fabric-


The long journey of woven interlacing is done two times. Two opposite squares are completed in one long journey. Bring the needle out at any corner-


Weave through to reach the other corner, turn, reach the next corner, come back weaving through the previous threads, turn at right angles, work on the small square, turn and move over to the next small square


Now weave through the centre design and cross over to the opposite square-


Complete the woven interlacing on this part –


Again weave through the centre and return to the starting square-


Complete the journey . two opposite squares are woven now.


This is the work in progress – weaving of the other two squares.


Completed woven kutch work motif-


Hope this tutorial was useful. I have avoided long details on this tutorial, so, If there are any doubts, comments section is always there. Please feel free to ask , I ‘ll try to clarify as much as I can.
Thank you.


7 Responses to “Kutchwork tutorial –Large motif1. level-intermediary”

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  2. rsaifudeen Says:

    It was a pleasant surprise when I checked your blog just now. to see the instructions for the large Kutch Motif.Lot of work has gone to do it I know .thankyou so much.

  3. viji Says:

    Dear Chitra,
    Thank you somuch for sharing this.

  4. Raji Chandra Says:

    Dear Chitra, so generous of you. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. vijiyalakshmi Says:

    hai chitra awesome work thankyou for sharing you work .

  6. Raji Says:

    Very nice.veryusefull.verygood.

  7. Sal Says:

    How do you make the pointed ends at the corners of the foundation sttitching?

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