This week was a productive one, stitch wise. I went to the mode of working on wearables a while go. There were so many ideas which were picked from so many places. These ideas have the tendency to vanish after a given time. The inspirations also kept on increasing, it became difficult to bring back the creative thoughts of the time when they started.
After deciding to put  into form at least the ones which were fresh in mind, I started on the projects. It is an exciting experience, with my computer still in dormant stage, the projects seem to be grow.
While working on this week’s projects, my friend wanted to work a chain stitch with metallic thread around her blouse neckline, which was started yesterday.
WIPW218-silk blouse
This mirror work yoke technically got completed, still with the monitor to be set up, it is added in work in progress post.
After working green on this navy tunic, blue colour was started. Maybe I will work another green and then move onto blue again. This project will take more time than I thought.
This tunic is printed soft cotton with plain fabric for salwar. Certain cross stitch designs worked with white thread resemble lace. The idea seems good. But the designs will be bolder for this tunic. Designing work yet to commence for this project.
WIPW218 wgtct-1
This yoke was worked few years ago. The colour looked good when it was worked, but didn’t feel good after it was completed. It was lying idle all this time. Maybe it will look better if the colours are changed. This work started with replacing light green with deeper green.
I have also been drawing some chikan work embroidery designs. Today found some patterns which were drawn last year. They look so different now. Some mirrorwork designs also there. Interesting week so far. The SSS challenge is having so many new stitches, if they aren’t learnt soon, I might get lost. Downloading pictures are also a problem now. The situation might improve next week!