It has been my dream to work samplers of various embroideries. This Beyond TAST challenge, can be made use of for this purpose. The idea is to incorporate these two activities together. It is a long term project, but I need to take the first step now. This week was spent continuing the projects which were started last week.
This is taking up more time than expected. These things are also part of the learning process. The third panel-
This panel took more time because of the mistakes, which needed to be rectified.
The pattern moved fast, so it was quite peaceful to work on this panel.
Kogin sampler
It is still hard on eyes to work on this loose weave towel. The progress on this sampler is not bound by this challenge. The eyes need to rest periodically after working the sampler. It is growing very slowly.
I am yet to ease up.
Instead of rectifying the mistake, which will damage the fabric, I‘ll leave it as it is.
This part of the sampler seems fine, eyes getting tired, will stop and pick it up tomorrow.
The sampler so far
BTAST-1-Kogin sampler1
Swedish weaving
After browsing the Swedish weaving last week, I did not follow it up with drawing charts. Once the charting of the designs start, it will help in understanding the rhythm of stitches, then it is possible to start the sampler. I am thinking of working the stitches on matti cloth.