This week’s chart on Randje per week 2016 challenge was completed on Saturday. The alphabets had some ‘O and ‘X’ missing on them.
Grey crepe tunic
I completed a motif on this tunic. Anchor # 20 red is the main colour. Blue is used to break the monotony. Now it is time to start on the yoke which is medium sized. After working the motif, an idea came to work the chain stitches really small, resembling the Aari work. The Kashmiri embroidery is worked in open chain stitches in wool I suppose. This idea will be in action on the yoke, thus making this project more time consuming. And I am yet to get used to working without hoop.


WIPW 77- grey tunic Kashmiri-3

It seemed like a good idea to design another embroidery piece for a tunic while working on this tunic. While designing for a narrow border, another design idea popped into mind. Thus two pieces are ready for embroidery. The tunics are finalized and the designs will be traced after the completion of the grey crepe tunic.
My friend wanted a tunic to be designed, so she can learn and work the embroidery on that. The design was ready yesterday. The embroidery is to start today. next week , I can show more light on this joint effort.
TAST 2016
Last week’s and this week’s stitches on TAST 2016 challenge were already worked earlier. So peeking on other’s samples is the general idea.