I have started embroidering on black silk blouse. These blouse projects are for a friend. I can share some of the details, the design which are for the sleeves is a simple geometric filling. Cotton skeins are used throughout the work. The fabric being delicate silk, it is not possible to use hoop. For an earlier project, the hoop was used on crepe silk fabric, the fabric yarn was giving away at some places, which was realized at a later stage. So, maintaining the thread tension is the most difficult part in this project.

Randje per week 2015

This project was not touched from Saturday when the new edges were posted on the site. The free graph is available here.


The blue tunic with ethnic embroidery is also kept on hold for the time being.

The kutchwork borders also waiting in the queue. Yesterday was Diwali festival. The routine is to prepare various sweets and savoury snacks and share them with friends. The past three evenings were for Diwali routine. Blogging did not feature at all. Searching for the appropriate design for the second blouse is continuing.