In 2006 SharonB, had detailed over hundred seam treatments for 100 days on her blog. the link-

whenever I visit her blog, these entries kept luring me. when these detailing was going on, a few people also joined and started detailing their own seam treatments. I was also interested in working these seams. when I knew of her blog in 2007, and was waiting for an opening . This happened in stitchinfingers community-

Some people formed a group in 2009, and revisited this as a group challenge. it is again revived now. I don’t know when the idea originated, but officially it started from yesterday on this group. I just counted myself in. I am still in the thinking stage. it may not be everyday, but my personal challenge would be to work all the seams, this way I am hoping learn some new things.

I want continue with TAST 2014 challenge too.

once I start working, I ‘ll post the pictures and their links to SharonB’ blog.