It looks as if this this stitch challenge will continue next year also. I am looking forward to learn and explore more stitches.
This week’s stitch is needle woven picot leaf stitch on the TAST 2012 challenge by SharonB.
We had holidays last week, which we spent by visiting some countries in eastern Europe. I did not work last week’s buttonhole wheel cup stitch.
This stitch is a new one for me. I am still familiarizing myself with this stitch. Going around the needle , weaving and maintaining the thread tension will require lots of practice. Since no ideas to explore this stitch seems forthcoming, the trials of this stitch will be made with other stitches. The stitch trials have progressed so far-

44.needl woven picot leaf st-sampler1

1. This stitch is worked with half chevron stitch.


2. three needlewoven picots with up and down buttonhole stitch.


3.woven picots with feather stitch.


4.needle woven picots are worked with herringbone stitch.


5. three needle woven picots on feather stitch variation.


6. needle woven picots in two colours over wheatear stitch motif and leaves and flower[!] worked in this stitch over butterfly chain stitch.

44.neewpi st-6