After working a few more variations of knotted loop stitch, the stitch sampler was completed. The third part of the sampler-

41.knotted loop st2-sampler3

7.detached chain stitches are worked on the longer stitches in the first row. This stitch is whipped with copper thread in the second row.


8. after adding beads to the knotted loop stitch in the first row, and with the chain stitch curve ,the stitch is worked horizontally to form a leaf pattern .


9. the same stitch variation as leaf patterns continue and are worked with herringbone stitch and stem stitch in the first two rows. I tried bringing the needle four or five times out from the same hole ,this working as fan is repeated as line stitch in the last row.


I was surprised by the variation worked in the last row. the knots produce a braided effect, which makes the stitch more decorative.

Though an easy stitch, the knots had to be fixed to make them neat. Most of the time I did not care to do that, so my stitches are not uniform. This is still a lovely stitch which gives scope for experiments.