I tried some more experiments of this stitch with other stitches today. The samples of this stitch done so far-

41.knotted loop stitch2-sampler2

The details-
3. A variation of Pekinese stitch is worked over the quirky knotted loop stitch in the first row. this stitch combined with knotted buttonhole stitch forms the second row.


4.these two rows also combination stitches first row is with oyster stitch and the second row is with linked double chain.


5.first row this stitch is combined with cable chain stitch. After working a variation of the stitch, Zigzag back stitches are worked as borders in the second row. The third row is also a variation of this stitch with herringbone stitch line worked with non co-operative copper thread!


6. first row is worked with wheat ear stitch[ at least for this sampler, I remembered to incorporate this stitch] the second row is with pistil and detached chain stitches.