This week’s stitch of the TAST2012 stitch challenge by SharonB is knotted loop stitch. I had worked this samples of this stitch during earlier TAST challenge, but forgot about it.
When I started working on this stitch, decided to check the earlier TAST challenge folder, it was all there! And done with the same cone thread too!
After laughing at my absentmindedness, thought of working this stitch with other stitches. I could work only a few rows. The sampler looks like this now-

41.knotted loop stitch2-sampler1

The details-
1.knotted loop stitch is worked over a line of Cretan stitch in the first row. individual knotted loop stitches with running stitch is the experiment in the second row. Individual knotted loop stitches done as a square and fly stitches are worked on both sides in the third row.


2.knotted loop stitch with twisted chain stitch in the first row, a line of buttonhole stitch worked below the knotted loop stitch line in the second row.