I completed this stitch sampler today with a few more additions. The second part of the sampler-

34.linked double chain st sampler2

4. in the first row, the first part of the double chain is worked away from the twisted chain. Running stitch lines ,border the linked double chain stitches in the second row.


5. individual set of double chains and twisted chain are worked to form a border, a line of chain stitch is worked over them in the first row. Individual set of twisted chain and double chain are worked as isolated stitches to form the second row.


6.pink pearl beads are worked over the twisted chain in the first row, fly stitches and oyster stitches are worked over a line of linked double chain in the second row.


Though this stitch was an easy one to work, I was not inspired to do more experiments of this stitch. And the 32nd week’s  cast on stitch awaits me!