I worked a few more variations of sheaf stitch and completed this stitch sampler. The second part of the  sampler-

35.sheaf stitch sampler2

The details-
4. The stitch is worked horizontally in the first row, and the tying stitch is done on top, instead of the centre .
Combining sheaf stitch with other stitches, detached chain stitches are worked between sheaf stitches in the second row, a line of chain stitch is worked over sheaf stitch line in the third row, and herring bone stitch and Cretan stitch are worked over sheaf stitch variation in the fourth row.


5. in the first row, straight stitches are worked in two colours and tied in threes . sheaf stitch is worked in two colours in the second row.


6. The straight stitches are worked in V-shape and are tied down in the first row, I like this version. Green stitches are tied with pink pearl beads to form sheaf stitches in the second row.


As mentioned on my last post, this was an easy stitch to work. This looks similar to butterfly chain stitch, but the tying chain and the continuous stitching are absent on this stitch. This can be used as isolated stitch .

Maybe, I ‘ll start to work on  40th week stitch and then get back to the other missed stitches.