This is the 35th week’s stitch of the TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB. I had missed some of the stitches of this challenge during my visit to India. I started with a simple stitch to begin the catching up of the missed stitches. The sampler so far-

35.sheaf stitch sampler1

The details-
1. Trial of this stitch in the first row, long and short version of the stitch in the second row, and the wide and narrow version in the third row.


2.Small version of this stitch worked to create a filling pattern in the first row, the horizontal version of sheaf stitch in the second row, and the horizontal and vertical versions alternated in the third row.


3.The length of the straight stitch in the middle is extended and varied in the first row, the sheaf stitch line is laced with green thread in the second row, and the corner straight stitches are worked longer in the third row.