Today I worked a few more variations on this Pekinese stitch sampler .
8. In the first row, French knots are worked over a line of Pekinese stitch, and in the second row, Pekinese stitch is worked on feather stitch.


9. Pekinese stitch is worked on half chevron stitch in the first row, and both sides of the cross stitch line is worked in pekinese stitch, I liked this treatment.


10. In the first two rows, I used fly stitches and detached chain stitches to elongate alternate curves of Pekinese stitch. Last row is a combination of pekinese stitch and Cretan stitch.


With this seam, the Pekinese stitch sampler is completed.
The sampler-

33.pekinese stitch sampler2

Though this stitch was simple, it was time consuming to work the basic back stitch for all rows. It was hard to maintain the tension in the beginning , later it became manageable. Enjoyed working on this stitch sampler.