The part of the Pekinese stitch sampler done so far-

33. pekist-sampler1

These variations of Pekinese stitch are combinations with other stitches.
5. Individual herringbone stitches are worked between two rows of Pekinese stitches in the first row, and Pekinese stitch is worked over herringbone stitch in the second row.


6. In these two rows, Pekinese stitches are worked with basque stitch and bonnet stitch.


7. In the first row, Pekinese stitch is worked over buttonhole stitch and again a row of pekinese stitch is done under the buttonhole stitch, and the circles of alternate stitches are lengthened with the buttonhole stitch bars.
The second row, is trial of individual Pekinese stitches done at an angle. Not very successful though!