This week’s stitch of the stitch challenge TAST 2012 by SharonB is oyster stitch. I did not try this stitch during the previous TAST challenge. Though the stitch is not very difficult, to it took a few rows to work the stitch decently. I started working this stitch in lines.
The details-,
1.Started working this stitch in the first row. The stitch is worked with two threads in the second row.


2.the first row the shorter version of oyster stitch is worked. The second row, is the combination of long and short oyster stitch.


3. the first row the oyster stitch is worked a little away from the starting point[ not that successful,I am still learning this stitch]. The second row is zigzag oyster stitch, I am getting comfortable in this row. Two rows of oyster stitch are worked together in the third row.


4. oyster stitch worked in a curved line in the first row. Individual oyster stitches are worked in in a  line in the second row.


5. in the first row, the twisted chain stitches are worked in one thread, and the oyster stitch completion is done with another thread. This idea was better in my mind!

I started working  oyster stitch with other stitches. In the second row, it is worked with cross stitch