Continuing with the basque stitch sampler,Today I did a few more variations of this stitch. Sampler so far-

29.basque stitch sampler 2a

The details- the first row, zigzag back stitch is worked in two ways on basque stitch. Basque stitch is combined with buttonhole stitch in the second row.


7. closed buttonhole stitch and bonnet stitch[not so good] are combined with basque stitch in these two rows.


8. twisted chain stitches are worked in between basque stitch in the first row, cross stitches are added in the second row.


9.chain stitch and twisted chain stitches are worked with basque stitch in the first row, Pekinese stitch is worked on basque stitch in the second row.[ ideas running short I suppose!]


10. the first row is influenced by chained feather stitch, this is basque feather stitch. This seems okay! The second row, is a combination of up and down buttonhole stitch and basque stitch.