This week’s stitch of the TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB is Basque stitch. I had done a sampler of this stitch on a plain cloth during the previous TAST challenge. So this time I thought I ‘ll try this stitch on even weave fabric. the stitches are worked with perle cotton, and cone  thread.
New basque stitch sampler till now-

29.basque st sampler1

1.the first row, is the basic basque stitch, in the second row, the stitch securing the chain stitch is elongated.


2.the basic stitch and it’s elongated variation is the first row, in the second row, the chain stitches are worked a little away from the main line.


3. two variations of this stitch are combined in the first row, the short[green] and long[ yellow] versions of this stitch are worked one over the other in the second row.


4.two ways of working the two rows of basque stitches together are done in these rows-


5. the stitches are worked at an angle in the first row, the starting point of the stitch is one point below the main line in the second row.