I had this block printed kalamkari tunic in medium red colour. the print was different from the usual block prints. Actually I am not sure about the exact colour of the tunic.it can be anything from burnt orange to copper colour. picture of the tunic fabric-

burnt orange tunic -fabric

I wanted a yoke with border for this tunic. The body of the yoke was in the print colour of the tunic. This central yoke already was had a woven pattern, which I decided to use for filling with stitches. The border for this yoke was a different fabric , the details of which will be provided later . the yoke fabric-

b.orange-yoke fabric

This zigzag weave design on this fabric was a bit loose, which made it possible to use it as couching thread to work pearl cotton thread in orange-

bu or yk1-1

Dark green cotton skein was used to work herring bone stitches on alternate zigzag lines.

bu or yk1-2