In this stitch sampler, I wanted use left over cotton skeins from previous projects. The colours are shades of violet and green. The sampler looks like this-

28.up&down buttonhole stitch sampler1

The details-
4. the first stitch is shorter than the second stitch in the first row, this long and short version, alternated in the second row.

28.u&db.hst-4 this row, the long and short version of this stitch is worked with the basic up and down buttonhole stitch.


6. the stitches are worked both sides of the line in the first row, two rows of this stitch are worked facing away from each other in the scond row.


7. one row of up and down buttonhole stitch is worked over another row of this stitch in the first row. then the stitch is worked on curved lines.


8. in these rows, two versions of up and down buttonhole stitches are worked facing each other.


9.the zigzag version of this stitch is worked in this row.