I tried bonnet stitch with few other TAST 2012 stitches. The sampler with these combinations-

27.bonnet stitch sampler-2

With these variations the sampler is completed. The details-
10. The first row is bonnet stitch with twisted chain stitch, the second row, is with cable chain.


11.in the first row, Palestrina knot stitch is worked with bonnet stitch, and a variation of buttonhole stitch is worked with bonnet stitch in the next row.


12.Bonnet stitch with crossed buttonhole stitch in the first row, and closed buttonhole and bonnet stitch in the second row.


13. Cretan stitch, bonnet combination is the first row, feather stitch with bonnet stitch in the second row.


14. the first row, a variation of feather stitch is worked with bonnet stitch , the second row, after whipping the bonnet stitch, pearl beads are added . the third row, bugle beads are added in between bonnet stitch.


I never realized when I started learning this stitch ,it will lend itself to so many variations. The other  challenge participants have done great work, especially the way some have used this stitch to fill spaces, working this stitch to form a flower. Very impressive indeed.

SharonB has to be thanked for this wonderful experience.