Today I practiced on this stitch some more. The stitches are much better now.
Tip- pull the needle towards yourself after piercing the fabric, then make a twist, hold this twist, with your left thumb, then make the chain stitch. I found , this way the stitch tension is more controllable. The sampler till now-

27.bonnet stitch -sampler1

The details-
5. In the first row, two rows of bonnet stitch are worked facing each other. The second row, the up and down version of bonnet stitch.


6. Individual bonnet stitches are worked with upright cross stitches in the first row, butterfly chain stitch in the second row.


7. Bonnet stitch is worked over straight stitches in the first row, detached chain stitches are worked in between bonnet stitch in the second row.


8. Bonnet stitch with herringbone in the first row, and with half chevron stitch in the second row.


9. Fly stitches are worked over bonnet stitches in the first row, bonnet stitch is worked over a line of buttonhole stitch variation in the second row.


Combining bonnet stitch with some other stitches is the next goal.